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Escort  in Kiev
Escort  in Kiev
Escort  in Kiev
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Age: 24 ans
Taille : 167 cm
Poids: 49 kg
Langues: Anglais
Disponible pour: Recoit: Appartement privé, Chambre d'hotel, Déplace: Hotel and Home visits
A propos de Moi:
I have a talent to make the atmosphere calm and relaxed. I am a real discovery for a man who gets tired on a work and needs to have some entertainment and relaxation. I will fill our date in Kiev with rosesuality and take you to the upper level of satisfaction. I wanna be yours. So, dont miss a chance to be with me.
Ville de base: Kiev
Numéro de téléphone: +38098 943 77 00
Site web / URL:
+38098 943 77 00  » Vita